Using rangefinder cameras for street photography

Preston Guild 2012

Pushing through the crowd during the Preston Guild 2012

This workshop will give you the opportunity to experiment with different ways of using a film rangefinder camera for street photography. The course will introduce you to the basics of using rangefinder cameras, focussing techniques and using film. This is a practical workshop where you will be able to use the techniques you have learned in different photographic situations and concentrate on using the cameras to take some great pictures.

You will be experimenting by taking pictures outside in the vicinity of the venue based on a theme you decide during the workshop.

There will be a short introduction to the equipment for practical reasons, but the workshop is about using the cameras and we will talk about lenses and film throughout the day as needed.

Topics we will cover throughout the day are:

  • Cameras, Lenses and Film
  • Holding the camera
  • Different ways of focussing
  • Aperture and depth of field

Cameras and film will be provided and due to time constraints you will not have to do your own film processing.

Equipment we will use

We will mainly be using Russian rangefinder cameras which are completely mechanical. The film we will use on the day will be black & white. This will allow use to process the film quickly during the day so we can see the results of our work.

What you will need

You will be working outside the venue so dress appropriately. If you have a rangefinder camera then you can bring it but this is a beginners course. The camera we will be using use are film cameras – no digital.

Booking information and dates TBC

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On-line Portfolios & Blogs

This workshop will provide you wilth a brief overvoies

We will look at free services such as wordpress, tumblr, Blogger as well hosting your own and the advantages of doing so.
Topics will cover are

Online solutions – wordpress, tumblr, blogger
Hosting your own portfolio / blog
Overview of WordPress theme design


  • An basic understanding of ithe internet terminology e.g Web Server / HTML

This workshop will be about discussing ideas about onlin portfolio so if you are working on somethign and want to share it, thats OK.