Artist Statement

Working with monochrome film formats, I have been documenting my travels and explorations for over thirty years, and I regularly revisit the places and people I have encountered. My film photography ranges from large format portraits to low-light street photography. Documenting the intersections and meeting places of everyday life, places for communication and decision making, which may be street corners, junctions, or resting places.

My most recent work has been looking at significant places from my childhood and through a process of analysis and documentation, identifying narratives and further routes of inquiry into what remains of my personal memories. I am interested in creating access to photography for non-specialists by putting cameras into the hands of people in the community and allowing them to tell their own stories using a single roll of film.

I’m currently experimenting with sound recording capturing both occupied and vacant spaces, the individual sounds, as well as the noise. The sounds of outside spaces are unique, a combination of many factors, and impossible to stage. A recording made of space, for me is just as significant as a photograph, in the story it can tell.

The idea of capturing something by chance or opportunity is what has attracted me to this way of working. The re-creation of an experience or a memory, initiated by looking at a photograph or listening to a soundscape can be unique to each viewer or listener.

I am currently working from Hazlehurst Studios in Runcorn, Cheshire.