Current Work

I am currently working with ideas of identity and belonging using 16mm  film and field-recorded sound. Some of my findings and experiments will be published here.

Sound – Fields recorded digital sound as well as spoken word collection from my family and friends


16mm Films – My use of analog film maintains links to my photgraphy practice ( as well as following the path of research I am exploring in my still photography.   


Film Loop Projections

For my film loop pieces I use a loop of film projected currently using a handmade projection mechanism. I have designed this so that it fits in a 3 dimensional frame (box). The work becomes what is perceived as a living portrait that begins when a viewer approaches the piece, this reactions is triggered by a motion sensor in the frame.

Memory Box

sketchbook_3This project involves the construction of a film projection within the confines of a box. The projection mechanism displays a film loop on the screen that forms the front face of the box.

The idea for this piece came from thinking about the way we use portraits to capture the presence of a subject, and the use of film enabled me to give an illusion of reality and life by the movement and the responsiveness of the piece.






The current prototype uses a super 8 film loop, and an arduino uno with an ultrasonic ping sensor for the interactive element. The signal from the ping sensor triggers the motor to advance the film loop and also to illuminate the projectors led lamp.





 Technical Details

Rear view of the mechanism showing the motor powerng the film transport
Here you can see the LED lamp. The projection is reflected and enlarged to form an image on the front face of the box using a series of mirrors.